Touch a Child’s Life Today Initiative (TALCT) is a Non – Governmental Organization registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission
(CAC/IT/NO 154442) of Nigeria.
TALCT focuses on touching children’s lives in positive ways through intervening on their behalf in the areas such as Healthcare , Education, Feeding, Advocacy, Skill acquisition and empowerment.

Our mission

To provide care, rehabilitation and training for the socially, economically and physically disadvantaged children and orphans through impactful advocacy and result- geared programmes.

Our vision

To create a paradigm shift by becoming a beacon of hope and solution provider to millions of vulnerable children around the world.

Our objectives
  • Making community impact by promoting charity and benevolence towards orphans.
  • To act as a hope bank for indigent children who are either below the poverty belt or children who are facing parentage crises by act Iloco parentis to them.
  • To inspire social change that will promote the adoption, guardianship, overall care and philanthropic gestures towards orphans in a world of unequal’s.
  • To educate and harness the talents of orphans with a drive to realize their individual dreams
  • To address all forms of in-equities in health, social and economic distribution of resources against persons living with disabilities in the society.
  • To especially promote the education and continuous sensitization of the girl child through the award of scholarship and lobbying of
  • Appropriate quarters.to lead a strong voice against child prostitution, child trafficking and labor anywhere found.
Our Campaign

All over the world today there are millions of children born into circumstances, conditions, situations that YOU and I see as inhuman. True to this, some of them died, some remain in those conditions from cradle to grave, and some barely made it only to recycle the trend.

TALCT is therefore a child born out of pure and honest concern for the millions of Nigerian Children who out of no cause of theirs are born as captives and victims of this cruel fate. We want to do our part in touching the life of a child in this predicament, put a smile on a child’s face. No doubt it will be challenging to reach all children in this group but the Higher and glorious truth is that WITH YOUR BIT THE BATTLE COULD BE WON.